Leap Ahead of The Pack With The..
Leap Ahead of The Pack With The..
1-on-1 Get Recruited Coaching
1-on-1 Get Recruited Coaching
by An NCAA Division 1 Coach
Coach Mazzoni has guided thousands to their dreams of playing in college.  Find out how.
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What Coaching Will Cover...

You Get Me As Your Personal Recruiting Coach.  24/7 Access Via CoachNow, Zoom On-Boarding, Access To The Get Recruited Course.  

Coaching Step 1

  • Big Picture: The Reality of Recruiting.  Includes Course Syllabus.
  • Where Are You Now: How To Evaluate Your Current Status.
  • In Case You Missed It: Full video of Coach Mazzoni's lecture and recruiting ebook.

Coaching Step 2

The Start
  • Learning About You & Your School Choices:  Key Insights To Starting Your Search.
  • The First Few Visits: The Inside Secrets To Touring Schools.
  • List #1: Developing Your NOW list of school.

Coaching Step 3

Your Talent Level
  • What Level Are You:  Detailed Worksheets on This All Important Step.
  • Your Development Plan: Ways To Quickly Improve. Insights from a life-long coach.
  • When To Change Course: D1 to D3, there are lots of routes to go.  

Coaching Step  4

Getting Evaluated
  • How Coaches Actually Recruit:  What We Look For and How We Find Players.
  • Video: The Easy Way To Use Video To Move Ahead (Special COVID Tricks!)
  • Your Support Team: You Need Help To Get Recruited From Your Parents, Coaches, and Counselors.  How to Put Your Team To Work.
  • Sort The Camp/Showcase/Tournament Maze:  Make Decisions With Confidence.

Coaching Step 5

Academics & Admissions
  • NCAA Clearinghouse:  How To Breeze By This Hurdle That Trips So Many.
  • The Coaches Role & What You Can Expect:  Understand The Inside World of Admissions. 
  • The Boards: SAT & ACT Info In The Admissions & Recruiting Process.

Coaching Step 6

Life As A Recruit
  • How To Know If You Are Really Being Recruited:  Don't Waste Time Like So Many.
  • The Sales Game: Recruiting Means Selling.   How To Find Out What Life Is Really Like At The Schools Showing Interest.
  • Questions You Must Know: To Get Great Answers You Have To Ask The Right Questions (Academics, Financial, Playing Time, Injuries, Travel, Facilities, and more.)

Coaching Step 7

The Money Side
  • Academic Grants:  How To Qualify For The Most Academic Money & How To Keep It.
  • Scholarships: Get Answers You Simply Won't Find Anywhere Else.
  • The Offer: Sort Through What The Coach & University Are Really Offering.

Coaching Step 8

The Big Decision
  • The Decision:  You've Waited For This Most Of Your Life, Why Are You So Stressed!
  • How You Can Make The Best Decision:  Insights from Athletes Who Have Been Right Where You Are Now!. 
  • Post-Decision: The Work Doesn't End When The Decision Does.  How To Become An Impact Freshman.

How I Coach You

Life As A Recruit
  • CoachNow App:  Athlete, Parents, and Any Coaches Have Access
  • Zoom On-Boarding: I Learn Your Personal Situation And We Set A Plan In Place.
  • Access To The Course: Supplement The Personal Coaching With The Self-Paced Course.  

Coach Wayne Mazzoni on WFAN

Coach Mazzoni has joined Rick Wolff on the Sports Edge on WFAN each year since 2000.  Here are a few of the shows.


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